My Hero.
Latvian nation builder.

With our approaching centennial, let’s commemorate those who enabled the fulfilment of creating an independent Latvian nation. They are our nation’s heroes – the soldiers and their comrades who fought and fell for Latvia in WWI (1914–1918) and the War of Independence (1918–1920)!

In every family history testimonies about this significant period in the creation of this nation have most certainly been preserved, as well as memories of relatives or neighbours who joined the Latvian National Guard or were drafted into the army, and those who later formed the first Latvian Riflemen battalions.

In order for the names of these heroes to be memorialised in perpetuity, we invite everyone to submit their stories, historical imagery and photos to 


  • Čakstiņš Roberts
  • Krievs Ansis
  • Kleins Voldemārs
  • Kļaviņš Jānis
  • Kļavis (Kļava) Antons
  • Kažus Pēteris Paulis
  • Kauķis Jēkabs
  • Kaugars Aleksandrs

How to submit a story

  1. Seek out, listen to and summarize the information you have access to (recollections of relatives and neighbours, local regional historical materials) and create an account of your Latvian hero/heroes.
  2. Create a computer-generated document in PDF or Word format. Images and phots can be re-photographed or scanned as a PNG or JPEG.
  3. Send your account and visual materials via email to: or by mail to: Riga Monument Agency, Gaujas iela 19A, Riga, LV – 1026, with the notation “My Hero”.
  4. Do not forget to list your first name, last name and contact information, so that you can be reached if need be.
  5. If there are any additional questions, please feel free to contact:

Thank you for participating!



About the project

The “Latvian Hero – From Past to Present” project

The Riga Monument Agency, in cooperation with the Council of St. Peter’s Church, Riga, are implementing a project dedicated to the fallen soldiers of WWI (1914—1918) and the War of Independence (1918—1920).

In order to commemorate the Latvian Riflemen and their comrades who fell in battle, and in order to recognize that those past events and their participants have contributed to the creation of the Latvian nation, we will encapsulate the stories and images of our nation’s heroes.

We will also make inquiries into how the descendants of those heroes are presently living and honouring the memories of their ancestors, reaching out to their families both here in Latvia and abroad. We invite you to share all kinds of information about your relatives who fought for the creation of an independent Latvia; who fought in the subsequent independence wars; who fought for reclaiming independence in the Soviet era; and those who are currently protecting our country, participating in various peacekeeping missions across the globe.

Memories and stories about past and present heroes generate a sense of belonging and respect for our native land!

Main activities of the project

  1. The goal of the “My Hero” campaign is to invite Latvian society to seek out their history, to search for information about the heroes within their families or amongst their regional neighbours who participated in WWI or the subsequent War of Independence for the creation of a Latvian nation.
  2. The campaign also invites regional museums and various NGO’s in Latvia and abroad to share any information they may have.
  3. The campaign would also like photographs taken in the Riga Brethren Cemetery (“Rīgas Brāļu Kapi”) from 1915 to present day (the photos can depict visits to the cemetery, including with family, during public events, etc.)
  4. The materials collected during the campaign will be viewable online at The site will also include photographs sent in from Latvia and abroad depicting the Riga Brethren Cemetery at various points in history.
  5. The campaign, in cooperation with educational institutions, will organize a folk and fine arts competition for students entitled “My Hero. Latvian Nation Builder”.
  6. A publication entitled “My Hero” will be produced and available in print format.
  7. A centennial year exhibition entitled “Latvian Hero – From Past to Present” is planned for November 2018.


Photo materials about the Riga Brethren Cemetery

We invite you to send in photographs taken in the Riga Brethren Cemetery from 1915 to present day (the photos can depict visits to the cemetery, including with family, during public events, etc.)

We also invite you to send in photographs connected to those fallen soldiers buried in the Riga Brethren Cemetery.

Please send the photographs in PNG or JPEG format via email to:, or by mail to: Riga Monument Agency, Gaujas iela 19A, Riga, LV-1026.

The photographs will be uploaded to the “Gallery” section of , and displayed in the “Latvian Hero – From Past to Present” exhibition, with your permission.

Don’t forget to include your first name, last name and when the photograph was taken, as well as a short explanation of what it depicts!




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